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Setting User-Provided Values

Once your schema has been defined you can apply user-provided configuration values. There are two methods available to do this:


Let’s take the following configuration as an example:

use League\Config\Configuration;
use Nette\Schema\Expect;

$config = new Configuration([
    'debug_mode' => Expect::bool()->required(),
    'database' => Expect::structure([
        'driver' => Expect::anyOf('mysql', 'postgresql', 'sqlite')->required(),
        'host' => Expect::string()->default('localhost'),
        'port' => Expect::int()->min(1)->max(65535),
        'ssl' => Expect::bool(),
        'database' => Expect::string()->required(),
        'username' => Expect::string()->required(),
        'password' => Expect::string()->nullable(),
    'logging' => Expect::structure([
        'enabled' => Expect::bool()->default($_ENV['DEBUG'] == true),
        'file' => Expect::string()->deprecated("use logging.path instead"),
        'path' => Expect::string()->assert(function ($path) { return \is_writeable($path); })->required(),

You could set everything at once like this:

    'debug_mode' => false,
    'database' => [
        'driver' => 'mysql',
        'port' => 3306,
        'database' => 'myapp',
        'username' => 'myapp_user',
        'password' => 'hunter2',
    'logging' => [
        'enabled' => true,
        'file' => '/var/log/myapp.log',

Maybe that array of data comes from a different file or method:


// or

$config->merge(json_decode(file_get_contents('database.json'), true));

Options can also be set individually, if needed:

// Load config from a json file...
$config->merge(json_decode(file_get_contents('database.json'), true));
// But override a certain setting
$config->set('debug_mode', false);

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